Reasons Other Than to Make Money in Network Marketing

Network marketing is a profession that rewards people who want to be recognized. Network marketing is not an occupation, it is a career. It’s also a way of distribution.

People who find work boring or don’t get much recognition will seek out more rewarding opportunities. Network marketing is often the answer. This profession makes a lot about its people all the time. This is a good thing. Smart network marketing professionals know that people build businesses. Mary Kay Ash wraps furs around cosmetic sales reps and gives them pink cars. Network marketing companies have annual conventions. This is so that they can publicly recognize their distributors’ achievements and praise them. The people love it. Maybe most people want this kind of attention.

People choose this profession because of their personalities. It’s easy to be impressed by the friendliness, openness, and willingness of network marketers to share their secrets with one another. If they solve a problem, they want everybody to do so. Network marketers often leave behind issues like color, creeds, gender, education, seniority, and other prior jobs.

Personal development is another motivator for people drawn to network marketing.Often,people are so beat down by jobs, employers, coworkers, commuting and the need to get ahead that they lose self esteem. Their attitude, along with their health, can drop precipitously. Some people look in the mirror and wonder why. When this happens, the right network company can save them. Companies encourage distributors, via weekly telephone conference calls and regional and annual video, audio and workbooks, to put in more effort on their businesses than on themselves. People with high self-esteem don’t often struggle to be networkers. They excel at it. They are more skilled the more successful they are.

Many people join network marketing because of other reasons than money. This surprised me at first. But, many people are attracted by recognition. Imagine someone who has worked tirelessly for years and has not received any recognition. Once they start a network marketing business and have some success, they go to a meeting where hundreds of people ask them to stand up and cheer for them. This fuels the fire! They cannot wait to get out and do something that will be remembered.

Many people believe they are getting into network marketing because of the money. But David Arcangelo, my friend, who is also a former network manager, disagrees. They really are attracted by the people. Network marketers have the chance to share your knowledge and help other people succeed. Many people are excited about this opportunity. You could even make a fortune if you do well. David is not a full-time network marketing professional. He started as a hobbyist and enjoyed working with people. David was able to build a network of over 7,000 people through this fun hobby. His commission checks continued to rise even after he quit actively working in the industry.

How did this happen? He didn’t work and still got paid. He was paid more. Yes! This is called residual income. It’s one benefit of network marketing.

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